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Integrative Depression and Mental Wellness Treatment

The Delray Center for Integrative Medicine is an advanced outpatient center in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida dedicated to helping people heal both physically and mentally. Our program combines traditional psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy with the latest in evidence-based alternative treatments. These include Ketamine infusions for depression, IV vitamin therapy, and acupuncture. The Delray Center for Integrative Medicine uses a holistic model that takes into account our patients’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our integrated approach means that our patients receive not only psychiatry and psychotherapy, but also treatment plans that include yoga, nutrition therapy, and exercise. 

The Delray Center for Integrative Medicine specializes in the treating mental health disorders that have not responded to conventional medicine, such as treatment-resistant depression (TRD). For those struggling with severe, chronic depression, the Delray Center offers therapeutic Ketamine IV infusions, including our proprietary Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusions (RMOKI), developed by our own Founder and Medical Director, Raul J. Rodriguez, MD.  Dr. Rodriguez has been on the forefront of mental health medicine since opening his first healing center in 2003. DCIM was founded to provide outside-the-box care to those who have tried other treatments without success.

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Integrative Medical Care for Depression and Mental Wellness

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