Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusion

DCIM’s Unique Ketamine Therapy

Developed in 2019, the Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusions (RMOKI) represents the next step in Ketamine infusion therapy for treatment-resistant depression. The RMOKI protocols were designed specifically to treat the most severe forms of clinical depression, including depression related to chronic pain issues. 

The RMOKI Difference

Since Ketamine was repurposed over a decade ago to help in treating major depressive disorder, the medication has been administered either intravenously or through a nasal spray. Raul J. Rodriguez, MD, developer of RMOKI, has personally overseen hundreds of therapeutic ketamine infusion treatments, with a success rate of over ninety percent. Even though the vast majority of ketamine recipients responded positively to the treatments, some did not have as long or as strong of an abatement of depression symptoms as others. Seeing this, Dr. Rodriguez introduced a new, specialized Ketamine treatment protocol, the Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusion. 

Unlike other Ketamine therapy treatments, RMOKI consists of two infusions: an intravenous ketamine infusion and a subcutaneous infusion, which are administered simultaneously.  The combination provides a synergistic effect, enhancing the already powerful antidepressant effect of the medication. The IV infusion provides the immediate relief of depressive symptoms that Ketamine is known for, while the subcutaneous infusion provides longer term depression relief lasting weeks on average, as the medication is more gradually released into the body. Patients who were already receiving Ketamine infusions for depression but still the experiencing some depressive symptoms have unanimously reported even more improvement under RMOKI protocols. The end result is the significant reduction or cessation of depressive features, sometimes as quickly as with one infusion. 

The Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusion is also effective in treating clinical depression associated with chronic pain, as the subcutaneous infusion also provides pain relief as well as relief from severe depression symptoms. For patients who are already receiving Ketamine infusions, the RMOKI system allows them to extend their infusions to weekly or twice-monthly without a drop-off in benefit. The end result is a greater degree of depression treatment, with less trips to the doctor’s office, while also being more cost-effective overall.

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The ultimate clinical goal at the Delray Center for Integrative Medicine is the complete remission of depression and depressive symptoms. Ketamine infusion therapy and the RMOKI approach are only a couple of the tools available to our patients. Pending a comprehensive evaluation, our doctors will construct a unique treatment plan for you that addresses all your physical and mental needs. Treatment at DCIM may include Ketamine infusion therapy, psychiatric services, and individual therapy. Our mental health center in downtown Delray Beach also features a number of wellness services, such as acupuncture, cupping therapy, yoga, and more, in order to maximize the depression treatment process.

  • “Dr. Rodriguez has created a place that is truly focused on healing. There are so many types of treatment options and they are focused on finding the one that is right for you.”

    - BA, Delray Beach

  • “This center is a very special place. Everyone is warm, caring, supportive, and professional. It helped me overcome my anxiety and depression. I love the emphasis on mindfulness, yoga and exercise as well as traditional therapy”

    - SG, Boca Raton

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