Another Option for Bipolar Depression Treatment

Dealing with bipolar depression is something that’s a challenge in itself. But, for those diagnosed with this disorder that doesn’t respond well to traditional treatments including prescribed psychiatric medications, it can be a living nightmare. Fortunately, there are alternative bipolar depression treatment options for those dealing with this situation. For example, the outpatient treatment options provided by Delray Integrative Medicine.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of bipolar depression, treatment-resistant bipolar depression, and symptom-relieving alternative treatments available through Delray Integrative Medicine today.

What is Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects almost 3% of the US adult population. It is characterized by mood swings that involve both manic and depressive episodes. So, bipolar depression is when a person with bipolar disorder experiences an episode that involves depressive symptoms including:

  • feelings of despair, hopelessness, and sadness
  • irritability and aggression
  • low energy
  • trouble focusing
  • sleep issues
  • apathy for daily life and responsibilities
  • suicidal thoughts or behaviors

Along with depressive episodes, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder also have episodes characterized as “manic”. These episodes are identified with symptoms like:

  • high energy
  • feelings of happiness or euphoria
  • fast-thinking
  • jumping from topic to topic while speaking
  • behaving in risky and impulsive ways
  • trouble sleeping
  • delusional thinking

Manic and depressive episodes are always different from person to person. This includes the length of time these are experienced and the symptoms that display. Furthermore, symptoms of both episodes can display during both manic or depressive episodes. This really just depends on the type of bipolar disorder a person is diagnosed with and experiencing.

Treating Bipolar Depression

It’s important for people living with bipolar disorder to get professional help. This is because, without help, bipolar disorder can lead to a number of other health issues. Some things that untreated bipolar disorder can lead to include:

  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • addiction
  • eating disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • metabolic disorders
  • stroke
  • concurring mental health issues

It’s important to know that, while treatment is necessary for people with bipolar disorder to live out a healthy lifestyle, it also may be challenging to find a treatment that works. This is because not all bipolar disorders are the same and each individual experience with mental health issues differ. Traditionally, behavioral therapy and psychiatric medications are the most commonly used. But, for some, these treatments alone aren’t enough to reduce and manage symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Those that aren’t experiencing the symptom relief they expect or desire from traditional bipolar depression treatments can look to a new type of treatment available – ketamine infusion therapy. Administering ketamine at low doses to people dealing with various depressive symptoms is showing a reduction in the inability to manage moods. And, can eliminate feelings of sadness and despair that are developed as the result of mood disorders like bipolar disorder.

Delray Integrative Medicine offers ketamine infusion therapy for people living with mood disorders and are experiencing symptoms of depression, including people diagnosed with bipolar depression. Find out more about this innovative treatment today right from our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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