Does Cupping Therapy Work to Help People Living With Mental Health Issues?

Cupping therapy is a type of eastern therapy that the human race has been using for over a thousand years. But, while you may not be familiar with the history of this type of therapy, you may be wondering, “does cupping therapy work?”.

Delray Center for Integrative Medicine believes that individuals living with physical and mental health conditions should have access to all types of therapies and medicinal practices. And, offers cupping therapy for patients who would like to utilize the benefits of this therapy. Find out more about this medicinal practice, why we know it works, and if it’s right for you.

The History of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been used since as early as 1500 AD by the ancient Egyptians for use in medicinal practice. Since, it has been used throughout history in the Middle East and in European countries as a way to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain. Currently, it’s still widely used by athletes, mental health patients, and people living with the debilitating symptoms of chronic pain.

The Process of Cupping Therapy Sessions

There are a number of different types of cupping strategies. But, they are all common in one way – it uses suction in order to provide the desired effects. Essentially, cupping therapy involves using cups that stick to the skin and evoke a suctioning effect. This works to expand the skin and the underlying muscle tissue underneath. Thus, creating a stimulating effect that widens blood vessels and results in a number of physical and mental health benefits.

What Can Cupping Therapy Help With?

There are a number of physical and mental health issues that can be addressed and relieved by using cupping therapy. Some of these things include:

  • headaches and migraines
  • stress and anxiety
  • inducing relaxation
  • respiratory congestion
  • chronic back pain
  • muscle cramps
  • limb pain
  • depression
  • negative feelings

Getting Started With Your Cupping Therapy Experience

Are you open to trying alternative therapies that have been used in medicine for thousands of years? If so, cupping therapy is something you may want to try. When it comes to getting started with cupping therapy, you can expect to speak with your cupping therapist about your expectations, the process so you’ll know what to expect, and the things you’re looking to address during therapy sessions.

Delray Center for Integrative Medicine is an outpatient mental health support clinic that offers a wide range of mental health services and therapies, including cupping therapy. Speak with us today to get to know what to expect from cupping therapy sessions and whether or not this type of therapy may be beneficial to you.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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