What is IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy and Does it Work?

Both physical and mental health conditions come with their fair share of issues. This includes nutritional and vitamin deficiencies. To combat these issues, IV vitamin infusion therapy can help to balance these nutritional and vitamin deficiencies so that people recovering from both physical and mental health issues can focus on getting better. But, what can one expect from this type of therapy, and what are the benefits?

What is Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy?

IV vitamin and nutritional therapy is a practice of introducing nutrients and vitamins directly into the bloodstream so the body can use them immediately. This helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and balance hormones, nutrients, and vitamins that the body needs to function as best as possible. This type of therapy can be applied in a number of instances to help relieve symptoms of both mental and physical health issues. Plus, as an additional treatment resource for people recovering from various mental health conditions. Some of the things that IV and nutritional therapy can help with include:

-chronic migraines
-addiction recovery
-chronic fatigue
-eating disorder treatment
-exercise recovery

Some of the Benefits of Iv Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy

IV vitamin and nutritional therapy can help people feel better and aid them along with the recovery process, whether dealing with physical or mental health issues. The benefits of this type of therapy are plenty. So, it’s something that a number of people dealing with a variety of issues can utilize and benefit from.

Some of the benefits of IV vitamin and nutritional therapy can include:

It Can Help to Improve Overall Wellness

One of the best benefits of using IV vitamin and nutritional therapy is that it can boost overall wellness, helping people who use this therapy to feel better. This is true for both people dealing with physical and mental health issues. It can help to improve energy, support healthy bodily functioning (skin, hair, nail, digestive health), and even boost the immune system.

Boosting the Body’s Natural Immune Response to Prevent Sickness

During both physical and mental health recovery, having imbalanced nutrition or vitamins can lead to the weakening of the body’s natural immune system. This system is imperative to how the body reacts to and prevents illness. So, using this therapy can actually help to protect the body from any illness and keep a person from going through any additional, unwanted negative symptoms during physical or mental health recovery. IV vitamin and nutritional therapy can help to improve the immune system by reducing stress and the risk of sickness. Plus, it helps to promote the regrowth of cells, improve blood circulation, and help with the function of the nervous system.

What to Expect from IV Nutritional and Vitamin Therapy

Nutritional and vitamin IVs are placed just like traditional IVs into a vein. It takes up to 30 minutes for the application of these IVs and the nutrients and vitamins are absorbed immediately into the bloodstream. This means that you’ll start to experience the benefits of this therapy right away.

This type of therapy is great for anyone who wants to improve the way they feel and their immune system to prevent or overcome illness. Plus, it can help individuals who are struggling with mental health issues including stress, sleep issues, and depression better manage their emotions. And, as an assistive measure during the transition into mental health treatment in combination with other types of therapy including medications. Find out more about our IV services and how they might benefit your recovery and health journey on our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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