Dealing with Depression: What is Treatment Resistant Depression?

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a depressive disorder but no medication or therapy seems to help? If so, you may be dealing with treatment resistant depression. But, what is treatment resistant depression, and is there any hope for those who may be dealing with this issue?

What is Treatment Resistant Depression?

Essentially, treatment resistant depression is a diagnosable condition in which an individual has utilized at least two different types of antidepressant medications without improvement in symptoms. While prescription antidepressants may need to be tailored or even switched to get the right symptom relief, a number of people won’t find any success with any number, combination, or regimen corrections, and these people may need to look toward alternative methods of treatment. Fortunately, for individuals who have treatment resistant depression and don’t find that medications are helping, there are other methods of treatment that can prove to be successful in managing symptoms and improving mental health wellbeing.

Some Signs That you May Be Living With Treatment Resistant Depression

Individuals struggling with treatment resistant depression may exhibit some of the same signs and symptoms including:

-longer episodes of depression
-no symptom relief with antidepressant medications
-minor, short-lived improvements in symptoms with downward spiraling depression episodes shortly after
-concurring anxiety disorders

Some People are at Higher Risk for It

We don’t specifically know for sure why some people seem to benefit from antidepressant therapy while others don’t. Overall, most experts agree that it’s a difference in the biology and function of the brain. But, what we do know for sure is that some people are at a higher risk for developing this type of depression than others. People who may be at a higher risk for developing treatment resistant depression include:

  • elderly individuals who have lost independence
  • those who have experienced depressive episodes in the past
  • people living with anxiety disorders and depression
  • women
  • those diagnosed with concurring issues like substance use disorder, chronic pain, and PTSD
Help for People Living With This Type of Depression

As mentioned, those who don’t find help with antidepressants can look for alternative therapies and treatments in order to manage symptoms of depression. Some of these treatments proven successful in reducing the severity of symptoms of treatment resistant depression include:

Holistic Therapies: There are a number of holistic techniques that people with depression symptoms that don’t respond to traditional medications swear by. These include practices that focus on mindfulness, which is the ability to remain present. Some of these therapies include yoga, meditation, and even acupuncture.

Talk Therapy: Individualized therapy, otherwise known as ‘talk therapy, shows great promise for those living with depression symptoms that don’t ease with traditional medicinal treatments. These one-on-one therapy sessions allow individuals to identify underlying issues that may be a result of the development of their depression disorder. And, means to identify methods of dealing with unwanted symptoms, behaviors, and thought patterns.

Ketamine Therapy: One of the most effective and easiest means of treatment for those living with depression not helpable by traditional treatments is ketamine therapy. This type of therapy involves administering an IV that contains low doses of ketamine. This is proven effective in helping individuals deal with mood disorders such as depression. Basically, administering ketamine allows the brain’s neurotransmitters to function better. This enhances mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

Treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression in Delray Beach

Delray Center for Healing offers all types of effective treatments for treatment resistant depression listed above. Furthermore, they’ve developed a specific and individualized method for ketamine therapy, known as RMOKI, which has a success rate of over 90%! Are you tired of switching depression medications to no avail? It’s time to move on to treatment specifically designed to help people in your position!

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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