How Many IV Ketamine Therapy Sessions Will I Need?

IV ketamine therapy is a revolutionary tool that uses low doses of ketamine that are administered intravenously to provide relief for symptoms of a number of conditions, including treatment-resistant depression. While this newer treatment is being explored by people living with treatment-resistant depression, many wonder how many sessions they will need to have in order to get the results they want. Knowing more about what to expect from ketamine therapy can help people feel more comfortable and confident in choosing this as a treatment method. And, help to manage expectations about the process.

Ketamine Therapy is Different for Everyone

There is no general answer to the number of ketamine IV therapy sessions you can expect because everyone’s needs differ. The number of treatment sessions you can expect depends on a number of factors like your treatment history, the severity of your symptoms, your goals for symptom relief, and how your body reacts to the ketamine medication. Therefore, treatment planning for ketamine infusions is individual to each person who chooses to utilize this treatment. Every person who chooses to use ketamine iv therapy should understand this so that they are aware that treatment planning may differ from patient to patient.

Your First Treatment Sessions

During the first stage of the treatment process, you and your doctor will discuss how you feel during sessions, any side effects you may be experiencing, and if you have experienced any symptom relief. These initial sessions will help your doctor assess how treatment works for you and how many sessions you may need in the future to obtain lasting effectiveness. It can also help your doctor assess how much medication to administer during sessions in order to get the most out of treatment. So, it’s important to know that, as a patient, your feedback is crucial. And, that you should be open with your doctor so that treatments can be as effective as possible.

After Initial Treatments

After your first sessions, your doctor will still monitor your treatments to ensure that you’re getting the right dosage and that you’re getting the correct number of treatments needed to experience long-term symptom relief. Some patients find that they need ongoing sessions to maintain progress and other patients only need a set number of sessions to experience this long-term healing. Either way, you can expect, during this phase, to receive treatment sessions every couple of weeks or so.

Concluding Sessions

Once your doctor finds that you are experiencing long-term success with treatments, he or she may decide that your treatment planning has concluded. This decision will be made based on the symptom relief you are experiencing and whether or not you’ve met your personal goals for treatment outcomes. After sessions, you will continue to utilize traditional treatment approaches like therapy and coping skills. But, if you find that symptom relief doesn’t last, you can always come back to your ketamine specialist to discuss further treatment.

Ketamine IV Therapy at Delray Center for Integrative Medicine

Are you struggling with the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression and are looking for an effective treatment approach to manage symptoms? You may be qualified for IV ketamine therapy sessions. Delray Center for Integrative Medicine offers ketamine infusions on an outpatient basis for individuals diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. Find out more about our facility and services on our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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